Friday, April 28, 2006

Thank You Mariella!

As most of you know - I totally love postcards and the only thing I love more than a postcard is a completely unexpected postcard!

So I was really excited when I got home yesterday and I found I had a postcard from my friend Mariella who is on holiday in Kerikeri/The Far North at the moment with her mum.

Yah!! Thanks for the postcard of Tane Mahuta :)

Just before I forget - for you regular blog readers who have been thinking that my entries have been a little thin on the ground this's because we are on dial up not broadband and there is something wrong with our the phone sounds crackly and the internet super S L O W - so have given up on blogging for most of the week as it's just too slow!

But I do have some exciting news - Rich is graduating from his course tonight!! YAH:)

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