Tuesday, August 08, 2017

So hi, I guess?

So it's been a long while since I blogged anything, I do admit I've missed it and I do really want to get back into it to keep running record of all my sewing and craft projects if nothing else.

The first eight months of this year have kind of gone in a BLUR to be honest and I hope to be able to take some time to post about some of the projects I've made (both garments and other things) as well as go back to blogging more regularly - who know if it will happen but I will try.

As for what I've been getting up to since I last blogged in MAY (YIKES) here's a really brief snapshot.

I've spent a lot of time hanging out with this ridiculous chubby cat - do you think she's high on catnip in this picture? She's not, she's just REALLY loving the heater in this cold winter weather.
I've been reading a lot and Ria introduced me to the world of True Crime podcasts so now I'm obsessed with serial killers (not weird at all) - this is my recent haul from a recent book fair.
I had a midwinter Christmas celebration for my birthday and it was a fun time as I hardly took any photos (that's a sign of a good party right?).
Rich took me to the Wellington Chocolate Factory for a factory tour as a birthday surprise, it was really interesting to learn how they make chocolate from bean to bar and it was also incredible how different the chocolate tastes depending on where the beans were sourced.
We went to a Regency Ball that Ria organised, I made my dress and altered some op shop finds for Rich's costume (it was a lot easier to pull together a men's regency costume that I thought!).
Ria and I also went to Armageddon in Princess themed outfits, mine is made from vintage Snow White Fabric and Ria's is Belle inspired.
I have been continuing with craft projects and craft swaps, like this wee fox in a tea cup cross stitch.

So that's a REALLY brief update of what I've been doing - hopefully I will be spending more time blogging about stuff I'm making and doing. In the meantime, how have you guys been? 


Vix said...

Good to see you pop up in my sidebar again, Trees!
It sounds like you've had an incredibly busy (but fun) Winter and don't you and Rich scrub up nicely!
I'm liking the sound of your fixation with serial killers. I'm obsessed with anything crime related from police documentaries to gory Scandi thrillers. Perfect entertainment to counteract the winter gloom.
Look at Mia! I want to steal her! xxx

Louise said...

Good to see you blogging again! I've been keeping up with you on Instagram, but I've still missed your posts. It sounds like you've had some really fun times lately. Your Christmas birthday party sounded fun- happy belated birthday, by the way- and you both look cute in your regency outfits. You look like you could've stumbled out of Little Women! Mia is just adorable, and so is the little fox cross stitch. And I also find serial killers oddly fascinating. I've not read many non-fiction books about serial killers, but I'm all over those trashy documentaries about them; there's just something addictive about them! xx