Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Botanical Gardens (& Space Dress)

Since we have returned from South East Asia its been COLD! Very, very cold. I've found myself unmotivated - I kind of don't want to do anything - including sew (I've got to get that sewjo back somehow).

Today Rich and I decided it was time to brave the cold and head out to the botanical gardens. It's not as ridiculously as cold as it has been and it wasn't raining and there was NO wind. So it wasn't that bad.

I was wearing my recently completed "space" dress so Rich suggested we take some photos by the Carter Observatory.

I recently finished making this space dress with a free pattern, I ended up changing the  neckline a little as the original neckline sat a little high for my liking.
 To be honest, I'm not crazy about the dress, maybe the print it a little much or perhaps its a little big. I just feel like something is a little "off". I think it will eventually end up in my pile of stuff for Recycle Boutique, but perhaps that's for the best. I don't like to wear stuff that doesn't make me feel awesome.
 Also unfortunately I made it a little bit short - its shorter than my shortest slip - opps!
I'm wearing a hat in this photo because it was freezing when we took this picture. I had already taken off my coat, cardi and scarf and I couldn't handle taking off my hat as well!

It was nice to see a few flowers in the gardens, even if some parts (like the rose garden) were totally bare.

The gardens also have some new tiles along the footpaths, which are pretty fun.
Finally we stopped off at the Lady Begonia House, which is a "winter garden" I guess. It's a great place to warm up on a cold day and has so many pretty flowers.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, mine was full of movies and the next couple of weeks will be full of movies as the New Zealand International Film Festival is happening!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I think the space dress looks great on you. I like the sleeves & neckline. What a lovely place to explore & take photos. They are predicting 26 degrees here later in the week....I'm NOT happy! I so live in the wrong place. Lol. Xx

Curtise said...

Ooh, you were brave to take your coat off in the cold, I'm not surprised you wanted to keep your hat on! I like the dress, it's a great colour, but if you're not loving it, then it needs to move aside for something more fabulous!
Love a cable car, and thos are some beautiful blooms in the winter gardens. xxxx

Asparagus Pea said...

When I was a kid i used to have a pen with the wellington cable car that slid up and down inside it - a bit like those ones where the lady's clothes fall off when you turn it upside down. Happy days!

Helga said...

Motivation?! Yeah, haven't felt that recently....all I want to do is tuck myself into bed with a book, or watch Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on repeat......
O, I hear you. If it just doesn't feel right, it has to go! It is pretty awesome though...XXX

Louise said...

I think the dress looks great on you! There's no point keeping hold of it if you're not happy with it, but maybe you could turn it in to a skirt, or something? Love the photos of the flowers- so pretty!

Right now I'd happily swap weather with you! We've had a heatwave for the last fortnight, and the house has felt like 50'c, so I've been melting. Can't wait for it to cool down again! I love the sunshine, but I'm not good with the heat. xx

Vix said...

What a fab day out. Very envious of those cable cars. Well done for braving to cold to flash your fab frock.
I love the colours and print but I'd like it to be shorter, get those lovely legs out! xxx

Anonymous said...

The print of the dress is gorgeous! It's hard to tell, looking at the tiny photos on my phone, but I reckon the dress is simply a little bit too big, and taking it in/resetting the sleeves could make the difference. Or, as above, make a skirt. Pink galaxy is too cool to not have!