Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Monthly Stitch - Frocktober - Purple Velvet Dress

You may remember this post where I told you all my plan for frocktober was to make one Halloween themed dress for each week in October. I feel like I may have over-committed myself, but I am going to continue to try and make four Halloween inspired/themed dresses even if some of them come into existence after Halloween.
Here's my second Halloween themed dress - its purple (again) and its a very deep shade of purple. This is more of a gothic witch inspired frock.
So I should let you all know that the last couple days have been EXTREMELY windy, even by Wellington standards and that's been putting my haircut to the test. Which is a problem, my haircuts are usually based on being manageable in our wild weather conditions!
This is another dress made from Maudella 5619 - basically when I find a pattern I love I used it around a billion times! I'm not as crazy about this version of the dress as early versions, I may try it with a belt and see if I like it more.

I am currently working on my fourth Halloween dress and I have started stitching it up - want a sneak peak? Well here you go!
It's being made from a pattern I've never used before *shock horror* the Derby Dress pattern by Christine Haynes. I'm making the fabric on the right and I'm using black cotton and some of that sweet little ghost/coffin fabric. 

Just one thing before I go - I thought I'd share my wee ghost necklace - I think he adds an extra creepy cute touch to the outfit.
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend - now its time to go and sew up my next dress!


Indigo Violet said...

That's a cute pendant.
I'm a Maudella pattern fan too. I found an amazing Maudella pattern catalogue in an op shop which I'll show you soon.

Curtise said...

The purple velvet is beautiful, and the dress looks lovely. Maybe you aren't as keen on this version of the pattern because the fabric is a plain colour and not a print? Just a thought - I know that I sometimes feel a bit blah without some crazy print action going on!
The little ghost is a cutie!
Oh tell me about hair that goes mad in wind and rain, I look as though I have been dragged through a hedge backwards half the time! xxxx

Denisa said...

I like that color of your dress. Have a nice day.

alicia said...

look at you DRAPED in velvet making george costanza proud! ;D i love the purple and i'm so happy you adopted my ghostie! <3