Sunday, September 30, 2012

Instagram - Week Five

It's time for another instagram photo dump post -thanks to all of you that have asked about my cold/flu/bug - to tell you the truth, its gotten a little bit better, but not much. I'm finding it hard to concentrate at work and by the time I finish work each day I am totally exhausted. I had a lot of stuff on this weekend - but I decided to cancel pretty much all of it due to my general exhaustion. Perhaps I'll get to see my friends again some day soon? 

Anyway - here's a snap shot of what I've been up to over the past week or so.
The last week has seen me using a lot of these for my sore throat - one of my many ongoing ailments!
Last Saturday Rich and I went out for a walk along the waterfront, despite being sick I was getting a pretty major dose of cabin fever and it was a STUNNER of a spring day. We picked up some hot drinks from "Bernie's" on our walk.
As the saying goes - "You can't beat Wellington on a good day".
Last Sunday Rich and I went out for a late lunch at "Carribean" - I love these giant mirrors they have in this cafe.
Tribal fabric I decided to make a new frock with - if a new frock won't cheer me up, then I doubt anything will!
So this was on Monday, got up, got dressed and then realised I wasn't going anywhere. After this I'm pretty sure I texted to to let them know I wouldn't make it in and then went back to bed.
On Monday afternoon I decided to do some study - but I can't say it was terribly successful.
I found a box to put all my patterns in - it made me realise just how many patterns I have!
I bought this pattern to make a dress for Ross and Shelley's wedding - then I just felt like my skills weren't up to it and chickened out and made a more simple design. I think I'm ready to attempt to make this dress for New Years Eve.
I forgot just how much I loved this pattern - the collar is so amazing, I think I need to make this one very, very soon.
Still feeling crappy - but wearing my new handmade Aztec dress.
We got another postcard this week - our friends Lisa and Aaris are travelling through Europe at the moment and sent us a postcard from Sweden.
We had a national earthquake drill this week in New Zealand - we were handed out these little fliers at work.
My next dress will be made from this fabric in celebration of spring - I am thinking that I will tackle a wrap around dress.

Instagram of this weeks Wednesday wardrobe challenge - modern 1950's.
Rich and I watched this movie this week - its amazing and so beautiful. I really loved it.
My cup went missing at work and I was SO annoyed - thankfully it returned to me the next day.
I bought tickets to Billy Bragg this week for Rich's Birthday present - hurrah!
A few of the DVD's that turned up from fatso this week.
Seen as I've had a pretty crappy week - Rich went out and bought me Korean food for dinner on Friday night. Yah!
I saw these Hello Kitty lollies in the window of a store in town that imports a lot of confectionery from overseas. But I was very restrained and didn't buy anything.

Yesterday we went to the Wellington Botanical Gardens as the tulips are in full bloom - so happy spring is here.
Across the road from the botanical garden there was a lantern festival at the Chinese Anglican Church.
I am clearly colour obsessed with colour co-ordination - I even match these flowers!
Rich went shopping for sneakers yesterday - so I tried on the most crazy I could find. I was tempted to buy these gum boots - they are pretty rad!
Today was a day for even MORE study - I've got an appointment with my kaihautu (teacher) in about three weeks and have so much to do before then.
True movie geekery - Rich and I have matching Alfred Hitchcock mugs!

Here's hoping this week will be better and I'll finally kick this bug!


alicia said...

i hope you're feeling 100% better soon so you can enjoy more pretty spring days! <3

Curtise said...

Great photos, as always. Sorry you are still feeling ill, I know what it's like to have a virus drag on and on...
That 1950s Butterick pattern is beautiful, you must make it! The sprigged floral fabric is so pretty, and I really like the check sundress you a wearing to match those lovely flowers!
Hope this week is healthier. xxxx

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better soon! LOVE the fab pattern with the mental collar - PLEEEEEASE make that one next, in lime green! Sarah xxx

Lublyou said...

those gum boots are awesome!!

cb said...

I hope your feeling better! A whole week of feeling sick? Boooo! But at least you did lots of fun things and you even made a dress and went to the botanical gardens and to mention had yummy korean food! I love korean food!!!

Diane said...

Wait...what? You're making a pretty dress for New Year's Eve? Does that mean we all have to dress up??? :-)

Penny-Rose said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better now. I love your photos of the spring flowers and the fabric - especially the cupcakes. Where did you get the Alfred Hitchcock mugs from?? I want one so badly. Have a good week!

Krista said...

Too much yumminess in this photo feast! I am in love with your cupcake dress what? I must see that entire dress on you now! Please, it's the cutest! I also think those boots should have been yours and also that you are looking extra foxy in these pictures! I love you in front of the tulips! GORGEOUS!

That dress with the collar needs to be made too.

Camelia Crinoline said...

I've made Butterick 4919. It's not too hard. It just looks it. That Simplicity pattern is great. I love the collar and the button placket. Sorry you weren't feeling well last week. I hope you're better now.

Monsterchen said...

oh those wellies are really cool i want gum boots like that and i love that dress where you are colour coordinating with the flowers;) i hope this week will be much better for you darling!

Vix said...

Hope you're feeling much better now! Billy Bragg rocks, I'd love to see him again, he's a brilliant entertainer adn so funny, too!
I've got a couple of those Simplicity "How To Sew" patterns, I love them! xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

You look so pretty in that pic at the botanical gardens, even if you weren't feeling well, and I love that spriggy flowery fabric, you find some lovely patterned fabrics. Your work mug made me chuckle, I've been watching lots of episodes of "The IT Crowd" this week and your mug made me think of a running joke in one of them.
It looks like you still managed to do loads of interesting stuff this week so well done! I would have been much lazier in the same circumstances. Hope you feel much better now. xx