Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge (on Saturday) - Pattern Mixing

Hello All! Sorry its been a bit of a quiet week from me - I seem to have been busy each night and out till kind of late so no time for blogging, but I am now back.

This weeks Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was "pattern mixing" which isn't something I normally do. But I did try - I worn a scarf, tights and dress all with a different pattern.
This dress is by my favourite New Zealand designer - Kitty Bridges who makes super cute Kawaii clothes. Here's some of the details of the frock - look at the details! Cuteness.

Here's some of the accessory details - I wore pink and red as well as mixing my prints!

Yellow shoes to match my yellow cardi!

Wednesday was a big day in Wellington - last Sunday New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup for the first time since the 1980's. Rugby is the "National Game" of New Zealand, I was in my twenties before I really realised that in most countries football was the "peoples game" and rugby for the private school types. In NZ rugby is the peoples game - its what all the boys play at school (the girls play netball) and its not seen as being posh in any way! So you can imagine how crazy people went when we FINALLY won the Rugby World Cup again. Here's some photos I took of the Wellington Victory Parade from my office on Wednesday - it was craziness!


Dress - Kitty Bridges
Tights - Valleygirl
Shoes - Op Shopped, Opportunity for Animals, Kilbirnie
Cardy - Given to me by a friend
Scarf - Equipt
Bracelet - Bought at Hello Kitty Cafe, Seoul
Brooch - Bought somewhere online (I don't remember where!)


alicia said...

THAT BUTTON! i LOVE it! and my favourite yellow shoes! and that dress! and everything! <3

hooray for NZ winning the rugby world cup! one of the only things i know about rugby is the new zealand all blacks and their intense maori ritual/dance! it's pretty crazy!

Helga said...

What a darling,darling frock!Love the outfit,pattern clashing doesn't come naturally to me,but I rather love it!

Trees said...

@ Alicia - It's called a Haka and they break out at all kinds of events, not just rugby:D

@ Helga - Oh thanks for your comment - this dress is the height of cutie cutie. I LOVE It!

Vix said...

Hoorah for the Kiwis winning the rugby. I'm a footie girl myself but I cheered them on last weekend.
That dress is amazing, the print is wild. I love it! x

cb said...

yea i find it hard to mix patterns but i do love doing it! i think you did a fantastic job but YOUR DRESS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!! i want it!!!

What Sadie Did said...

Wow, town looks mental! you got some awesome birds eye views though!

I loove that kitty pattern, it is SICK! and your tights are super cute too :)

Sadie x