Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rahoe Street Night Markets

If you have been following my Taipei posts you will know that Taiwanese people just LOVE night markets. So here's another post about a night market - this time it's the Rahoe Street Night market. I acutally think it's my favourite night market to date - not too big and not too small with a really diverse variety of stalls and food.
This market had a few pets for sale including bunnies - I would have loved to have taken one home.
The also a lot of stalls with fish, turtles and bugs for sale as pets. Some of the fish had amazing vibrant colours. I'm not sure why some of the fish were in glasses all by themselves - maybe they are super aggressive and like to attack other fish? Or maybe it's just easier to transport them via a shot glass.

When we were at the markets we saw a display of hand blown glass which isn't so strange - what is a little strange is that the artist was making the hand blown glass at his stall! Now for the food - we started off with some sweet potato chips with some kind of plum salt (it's much better than it sounds!) and we followed it up with some okonomiyaki.

It was about this stage we found this really creepy sculpture of an owl with glowing eyes and an explaination written in poor English. It's way more creepy in real life!
Finally we finished off the evening with more food - that's what night markets are all about after all! This time it was a "banana pancake" but it was actually more like roti bread with condensed milk and chocolate sauce. Very decadent - but it was so good. We shared this (well actually shared all of the food) and I truely don't know how anyone could eat a whole banana pancake!

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