Monday, November 08, 2010

Movie Fail

There is an area in Ximending with a whole lot of movie theatre's - we went there recently to watch a movie but unfortunatly all of the cinema's seemed to playing the same movie's and we didn't want to watch any of them.

So the movie watching was a total fail - but we did find these cool murals near Taipei Cinema Park. They are pretty amazing.

Also when we were out for a walk we saw some graffitti artists at work in Taipei Cinema park - you can't see it in the picture but this guy was working on a Halloween themed piece.

We checked out a few shops on our travels in Ximending as well - first of all here's a shot of Rich checking out a book in front of "Rock Fetish" near all of the cinema's.
I've walked past this store a few times but I decided I just had to take a photo - everything they sell is made in outer space apparently.I also loved these pillows - my favourite character Kuromi and My Melody - extremely Kawaaii cute.

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