Monday, February 08, 2010

Japan day 5 - Travelling to Kyoto

On day five of our trip it was time to finally leave the madness of Tokyo and head to Kyoto - I'd been looking forward to this part of the trip most of all. I was however, a little worried about sorting out the trains but I shouldn't have had any fear as Rich managed to get us onto the bullet train without any worries - he is like my own personal GPS.

Prior to leaving Tokyo we bought bento for lunch, I'd been excited about this for a while as I watched a Discovey Channel show all about Japanese food which gave all sorts of praise to bento and I have to say that the praise was well deserved. Bento is mighty tasty.The train trip was pretty quick, only about two hours as it was a high speed train and we even got to see Mt Fuji on the way.
When we arrived in Kyoto and checked into our hotel we did a little bit of exploring and finished off the day with a visit to Kyoto tower.

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