Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Films three, four and five

Movie number three for my New Years resolution was "In the Spider's web" please don't let the cool design fool you - this is pure made for TV trash but in the best kind of way! It includes an insolated tribe that is supposed to be in India, a dodgy doctor who lives with the tribe, a temple to spiders, body snatching and black market organ sales. It's also part of the Man-Eaters series which basically involves a bunch of people getting eaten by various beasts. Good times all round.

The next movie I saw was "Yes Man" which we watched in our hotel whilst on holiday in Japan, this is one of those movies that I am sure everyone but me has seen. Whilst it's not my normal "cup of tea" I have to admit it was pretty funny, I really do like Zooey Deschanel, plus Rhys Darby was funny - even if his character was pretty close to Murray on Flight of the Concords. The final film was "Silent Predators" another made for TV flick of "so bad it's good" proportions. Basically some deadly snakes escape during transport then 20 years later they have interbred with the local snake population creating a population of "super snakes" which are super agressive and kill you in moments. Rest of the movie deals with small town politics and trying to kill the super snakes - it's a fairly terrible movie all around but also strangely compelling as "good" B movies seem to be. I'm not sure if it's part of the "man eater" series but it should be.

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