Saturday, January 30, 2010

Film 10 - Silent Venom

Film number 10 in my year of 110 films was another snake related B grade movie (my second in the same month) called "Silent Venom" but it could also be called "Snakes on a Sub".

The premise is Luke Perry is a washed up submarine commander who needs to deliver an old sub from Okinawa to Taipei - it's his last mission and it should be a simple one.

But on the way he recieves a call to tell him he needs to pick up some military scientists who are working on a "top secret" project from an island near China. Turns out the top secret project is breeding "super" snakes for biological warfare - including some of the worst CGI snakes I have ever seen. I'm pretty confindent a tech savvy 15 year old could create better CGI snakes on his home computer than these supposed "super" snakes.

So long story short the snakes get loose (both the regular type and the two super snakes) and Luke Perry does his best to try and contain them whilst getting in the way of some Chinese Navy operations. Yes rather than making the Chinese navy aware that there is a US sub there they act like it's a heated military situation - making the Chinese out to be an evil superpower that could attack the sub at anytime.

The movie is truely horrible by anyone's standard's, unfortunatly I seem to find even the worst horror films compelling as it's a little bit like watching a car accident. The special effects are horrible, the dialogue is terrible and the story is lame yet I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it - or at least enjoyed making fun of it and some parts were so bad they were laugh out loud funny.

So by no account make any effort to watch this film, but if you're flipping through TV channel's late at night and it's on TV and you can't sleep it's worth watching.

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