Saturday, November 10, 2007

What is the tallest building in Melbourne anyways?

I didn't have too many plans for my final day in Melbourne, I was by myself again so felt like a cruisy day checking out the shops - but I did have one goal - I wanted to visit the tallest building in Melbourne and my guidebook told me this was the Rialto towers.

So taking the word of the guidebook as law I made my way to the Rialto towers and paid my money and headed to the top of Rialto towers.

When I was up in the Rialto towers I was damn sure that one of the buildings in the distance looked taller, and the staff kept saying that the Rialto tower was the "tallest residential building in Melbourne" so I thought something a bit fishy was going on - I got the distinct feeling my guidebook was sadly out of date!

After visiting Rialto towers I came across a man with an old fashioned horse and carriage - I'd seen them all over the city over the past few days and I kinda figured - I'm a tourist - I can do geeky tourist things! It was really great talking to the carriage driver as he gave me some insight into the city. Including the fact that the Eureka Towers was the tallest building in Melbourne at 88 stories high! He even gave me directions of how to get there - so I knew what my next task would be after the carriage ride was over.

My next adventure - head for the Eureka towers - which actually is the TALLEST building in Melbourne at 88 stories high (and the lift was much quicker than the one at work - even though that lift only has to servie 13 floors).

The Eureka towers were so tall my ears actually popped going up in the lift - but the view from the top was excellent.

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