Saturday, November 10, 2007

A day of getting back to our childhood...

The Sunday I spent in Melbourne was a bit more laid back....which is good...that's what holidays are all about:)

After a slow start to the day (just to mix up the time difference even more - daylight saving started in Melbourne that day) we went out to Brunch and then headed to St Kilda for fun at Luna Park!

I think Luna park is meant for 10 year olds - but that wasn't going to stop Alaina and I - in fact it was an encourangement! We decided to go on the ghost train, the pirate ship (where we tried to out scream some adolescent boys) and finally the roller coaster! It was all so fun! Boggy had a fun time documenting our adventures - completing a "Photographic essay" of Trees and Ally in Luna park.

After hanging at Luna Park for a while Boggy and Alaina took me on a bit of a drive around Melbourne and pointed out some of the flasher areas with Amazing houses.
For the rest of the day we just chilled out and then Alaina and I headed out for Italian food - mmmm...tasty although one of the waiters was bloody cheeky - don't you hate it when someone thinks they are funny when they are CLEARLY not!

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