Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back to the Future

You may or may not know that Rich and I hate the supermarket and I mean HATE it with a passion. There is nothing good about supermarkets - they are crowded dens of commercialism and I hate them! But then we have to eat so we have to go.

Then once we have done shopping we have to wait around for a taxi because we don't have a car - the whole things is just painful.

But our problems may now be solved - the other day whilst surfing the net Rich happened to check out the Foodtown site and it turns out that to get groceries delivered is about the same cost as the taxi we normally get home from New World.

Humm so lets see pay $15 and NOT go to the supermarket and shop online OR pay $15 and go to the supermarket get annoyed at everyone and everything and go home grumpy. It's not too hard a choice really.

I do feel slightly weird about getting groceries delivered - in some ways it seems like something that should be reserved for the elderly or people with disabilities.

But that weirdness quickly passed, when I realised I don't have to go to the supermarket this week!!

Our groceries are going to be delivered tonight between 6pm and 8pm - excellent.

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Ekant, Unicia, Keziah and Micaiah Veer said...

It's not just the elderly or disabled who get their groceries delivered - we used to get ours delivered in Aucks when Kezzy was little - always had the same delivery guy too :)