Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yah it's Saturday morning!!

Last night at Jess' place was very cool - I ended up staying there till midnight even though it was an undie party - man us girls can talk at times!! But I woke up at 7:15 am today as I seem to be unable to sleep in these days...grrr...nevermind.

I ended up buying a really nice black slip last night which is actually something I need as I do wear heaps of skirts and dresses but until now I owned no slips or petticoats.

Rich has already left the flat to go and play golf for the day so I am all by myself at the moment but I will have to get organised shortly as I am due to go up to the women's room for a couple of hours this morning.

This afternoon I think I'm heading out for a walk with Jess and Ange (and maybe Celia - although she may be busy with wedding type stuff).

I think this evening we are going to watch a film, maybe with Ross, but I'm not really sure....hummm......wait and see what happens I guess...

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