Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Blogger Swap

Earlier this year I took part in a blogger swap which was run by Char over at t*rexes and tiaras, when I  e-mailed Char I said it would be nice to have a partner in New Zealand or Australia to keep down the postage costs.

I got lucky this time around as I had a fellow Kiwi as my partner who is also into sewing! Kirsty from Tea and Rainbows.

Kirsty and I also follow each other on instagram so she totally had my likes down (and hopefully I had hers as well). I didn't take pictures of the things I sent to her because I'm hopeless, but here's all the goodies I recieved.

That big blue package? It's a couple of metres of this cute crocodile fabric complete with matching thread. The fabric reminds me of these lollies. I'm not totally sure what I will do with it yet - I'm thinking maybe a dirndl skirt? Any ideas?
 Next up is this toki doki unicorn blind box! The unicorn inside is just so damn cool - its kind of a unicorn tiger hybrid. It's now in our kitchen next to doughnut cat, a little bunny I bought in Japan town in San Fransisco and some kinder surprise toys because we are adults.

Next up is this package wrapped in Hello Kitty paper - its a Hello Kitty measuring tape! Two of my favorite things in one package!

Finally the kinder surprise egg - it came with something for kids, this bracelet which is too small for me (I mean really stuff only for kids what were they thinking). I might give the bracelet to Sophiia next time I see the family.


Vix said...

You got some lovely stuff! The tape measure is fun and the crocodile fabric is gorgeous. It takes me years sometimes to cut into fab fabric, I'm scared of making the wrong choice. xxx

Curtise said...

Lovely gifts - isn't it nice when someone gets your tastes perfectly? xxx

Kendy P said...

nice stuff! like the woodland deer holiday card. it is frame-able!

Kezzie said...

That is brilliant!!! She chose really well for you!