Monday, April 27, 2015

Monster Mash Dress

I don't often buy new fabric (especially when that new fabric is from Spotlight) but when I found fabric with old school movie monsters, I had to have it, because I love monsters so freaking much.
Obviously this dress has a LOT going on, so I  wanted a simple pattern (who am I kidding, I really only like to wear simple frocks as I'm all about comfort). This dress is the "back to school shift dress" from Chic and Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes. I added a bit of length to the dress, but otherwise made no alternations to the pattern. Here's a close up of the pattern - its includes wolfman, a vampire and a zombie (oh my!).
I also love that the background of this fabric is  a really pretty blue colour - not just boring black.
I've worn this dress twice - once to a burlesque show and once to have lunch with a friend and both times I got comments from random strangers. It's nice for your friends to notice your handmade things, but when total randoms say they like something you made its a bit of a buzz.
Hope you folks all had a good weekend xox


Vix said...

That's one great dress and the fabric is mental! x

Louise said...

That fabric is amazing!! Who needs a complicated dress pattern when there's fabric that awesome?! (BTW, I never see simple shapes / cuts when I see your outfits; I just notice the fun fabrics!)

I'm totally about the comfort, too. If I don't feel comfortable, I'll just be miserable or sore all day, and there's no fun in that! Hurray for comfy dresses and leggings! Haha! xx

Meghan Edge said...

That dress is amazing! <3 I love that fabric. I used to have a collection of classic monster stuffies. I know it's gross, but Swamp Thing was kind of my favorite, even though he's slimey.

Unknown said...

Wow! That's the coolest dress! I think that's my favourite one of the ones I've seen on you so far! :)

Wait Until The Sunset said...

I love seeing your creations, they are always so much fun! The big question though- where did you get the material!? xx

Anonymous said...

So freaking cool, and so perfect for you too. If I'd seen this fabric I'd have bought it for you too :). The dress is fantastic and looks great on you, and dammit you are so photogenic too, it just isn't fair!