Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mending Pile - Part I

When I first started learning to sew, I was kind of excited by the fact that soon I would be able to alter my vintage and second hand finds. I could shorten skirts and sleeves, add darts and do all kinds of things. The prospect of all this was very exciting for someone who had spent a lot of money getting vintage skirts shortened. 

However as it turns out I now have a pile of stuff sitting in a mending pile - rather than a bunch of stuff I need to take to a dressmaker. 

When Curtise recently did a post about all the mending she had done, well, she inspired me to do some of my own. I  have to admit it, I only actually mended one thing. But its a start right? I do want to try and mend one item a week until that pile is GONE - but we will have to wait and see how that turns out.

So the first up on the mending list is this amazing vintage dress from Recycle Boutique. I loved this dress from the minute I saw it. However, its a super weird length and the bottom half of the skirt had a few cigarette holes burnt into it.
I love the label - "Sport Fashions"! Because nothing says sporty like a heavy polyester maxi dress.
So here's the shortened dress - I really love it! I kind of want to make more simple dresses with a collar and wee tie at the front. 

Seriously - how great is this fabric? I love it so very much!

A few of you asked on my last post if I had made the cardi I was wearing (or at least added the wee bird). Although it is something I could have made myself - I didn't make it. The cardi is from Illicit Clothing and I bought it when I visited  Auckland about this time last year.

But speaking of cardis I have signed up for a course to make my very own cardigan 
at Made on Marion next month. I'm a little intimidated by button holes in stretch fabric (or button holes in general to be honest) but I'm sure once I have a little more practice I will be able to make the cardigan of my dreams. 

I hope you guys are all having a good week - do you have anything sitting on your mending pile right now?


Anonymous said...

That dress is very cute on you! Good luck with the meding... I gave up on mine and have given it all to Jo to do!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

This is my favourite vintage dress on you Trees, it's utterly gorgeous and I love the new length. I too loved Curtise's post but I have nothing on my mending pile! Just my son's school pants hem in tomorrow's daylight, but I'm dead keen on tackling something new. xo

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh loving this frock on you! I have a bit of a fetish for collars & ties. I think the dress looks even better shortened. I'm really enjoying my new found mending skills. There's something rather satisfying about it. Xx

Curtise said...

Ha, thanks for the mention, it's good to know you're motivated to start working on your mending/altering pile too! The dress looks much more you at this shorter length, and yes, the print is fabulous. Now crack on with the rest, Trees, you'll be glad you did, honest!
Eek, making a cardigan sounds scary... Good luck, I'm sure you'll manage it brilliantly.
Currently trying to decide whether to put the sleeves back in a dress I've taken in, or leave it sleeveless and bind the armholes. Decisions, decisions! xxx

Vix said...

Yay! Curtise is an inspiration. Love that frock so much. Such a shame that the hem was damaged as i think you look amazing in maxis - you need more! xxx

Johanna said...

So worth doing repairs and alterations! Looks great! I have a few I need to do too. I think I might blog them for motivation, haha :)

Sarah Jane said...

This is a great find! Quelle gorge.

Indigo Violet said...

Wow! I had a very similar dress in the 1970s (probably before you were born!)

alicia said...

sport fashions! it looks so cute on you! <3