Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sewing Goals: February

My first weekend back home has been a very busy one - a stag night, a hare krishna festival and a hen's night *phew*.

I am planning on getting a really early night tonight as I need to be at the gym by 6am tomorrow to see my personal trainer at 6am then have boot camp group training at 6:30am, yes I am completely insane.

It feels like February is ticking along quickly, so I decided that I'd quickly list my sewing goals for this month.

1. Make a nightie

I have decided that I needed to make a nightie or two, it seemed like a kind of easy thing to make and I really need more of them. I've actually finished this goal already.
This photo isn't the best, but you all get the basic idea of what it looks like. I made the nightie from an old and very large nightie I got from an op shop, so its made with recycled materials which is something I really like.

The pattern is from Chic & Simple Sewing which is one of three sewing/craft books I bought when I was travelling.

2. Make a throw for our couch

I've carried this one over from last month, I have some sailor moon fabric that is just screaming out to become a throw for the couch!

3. Make a dress with the bright pink fabric I bought from Singapore

I bought some amazing bright pink fabric with stars all over it from Singapore and I really want to make it into a cute, simple dress.

4. Make at least one top

I have made quite a few dresses now, but I am really quite low on tops in my wardrobe, which means I rarely wear my skirts. So this month I really need to make a few tops to expand the wardrobe a lot more.

5. Make something to wear to Ross and Shelley's wedding

Our friends Ross and Shelley are getting married next Saturday and I really need to made something to wear! I do have a few ideas, but I think most evenings this weekend will be taken up with sewing something to wear to the wedding.

6. Make dress from old duvet cover

I am really into the idea of sewing from recycled materials at the moment, I recently found a duvet cover made from fabric I like. It's a duvet for a double bed, so there's a lot of fabric in it - I have an idea what I want to make with it and hopefully it will look great.

7. Make fabric bird I bought in Melbourne

When I was in Melbourne in October last year I bought the cutest little DIY bird kit, however, I still haven't made the little bird and I've decided it's time to do it!

Do you have any craft/sewing goals for this month or any craft swaps planned?


Penny-Rose said...

Welcome back to NZ, I am amazed that you have all the energy do so much in the weekend. I like you list of things to do, there is a good mixture of practical and fun projects. Do you have time to make something for a wedding in a week's time?? I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I am hoping to get some sewing time to make my own undies!

Julia said...

You'll be one busy girl!
I'm sure they'll all turn out well

Curtise said...

Great ideas, and that's a cute lttle nightie.
My "I'm gonna make" list is growing along with my fabric stash, but I haven't actually started yet... That might be an idea, stop buying and planning, start bloody sewing!
PS. I'll email you details of the frock and take a pic of me looking dreadful in it (it does nothing for me, but you might be able to make it work for you!) xxx

Sick by Trend said...

fabulous blog and post honey! I'm following

Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


his_girl_friday said...

I'm jealous of your ability to sew (I need to work on that) and your ability to get up and go to the gym in the morning (I need to work on that too!)

Vix said...

Good luck with making that wedding outfit!
That nightie is very pretty, well done on motivating yourself, it's so hard after a fab trip.
I'm making (or at least, starting) a new maxi skirt using some groovy retro fabric and a 1971 pattern. x

Krista said...

I wish I would catch this sewing bug I have so many things I'd love to modify in my closet. Good for you for getting right to it!

cb said...

these are amazing sewing goals! at the moment i don't have any sewing goals, i do need to make my co-worker a dress but have been so busy!!!! i can't wait to see more. a nightie is such a great idea, i love wearing them!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Wow, love the nightdress! When I saw the pic I assumed that it was one you'd bought and wanted to copy.. it looks brilliant! Really professional :D
I've decided to try learning crochet this year, my friend loaned me a hook so maybe this month I should have a go!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Good luck with all your sewing. Can't wait to see the results. The nightie looks cute. Some of the old lady nighties from the op shop have really pretty fabric so that's a great idea for repurposing it.

Helga said...

FARK.You are making me feel MOST ashamed!! I always have billions of sewing goals,I just need ot be more realistic about them!
Go hard!
I got have some FAB fabric,(50's!!!)that I need WANT to make a 50's frock with!!! And all sorts of other shit.How do you prioritise?!