Sunday, August 14, 2011

Instax Sunday - Cupcakes

The weather this Sunday has been a total shocker - raining and cold - we went to get our fruit and vegetables at the Sunday morning market and it wasn't a whole lot of fun.But it is the perfect day for baking - earlier this week I decided I wanted to do a trial run of my cupcake recipe for the Wellington Bake Club finals. After I had completed my first batch and decorated them I decided to take a photo with my instax.

But I also decided to take some additional photos of the completed cupcakes.
I also used todays baking session to try out one of my birthday presents. My friend Jess gave me these cute cupcake pans for my birthday, but I just haven't hadn't had a chance to use them.
Here's how the cupcakes in cups came out - they make pretty big cupcakes, but thats ok because cupcakes are awesome. I think I'll have to have a couple of friends over for dinner so we can serve them cupcakes for dessert in these beauties.


What Sadie Did said...

WOW those cupcake containers are fabulous, I love them. And i love your heart icing decoration too. They look delish and very professional - well done!

Sadie x

Porcelain complexion said...

The wee hearts are adorable!!! Where did you get the cupcake holders?? They're super cute.
Hope you're warm & snug xo

Trees said...

Sadie - Thanks so much for your comment about professionalism! They are for a contest on Thursday (well not these ones - these were just trial ones) here's hoping the judges think they look professional too!

Julia - My friend gave me the cupcake holders for my bithday - too cute don't you think? We are thankfully keeping warm, not too much snow in the central city. The outer suburbs are quite snowy though!

The Craft-Arty Kid said...

Those cupcake holders are awesome!!
I'm enjoying scrolling through all your baking endeavours, it's making me hungry!

Trees said...

I am glad you're liking all the baking posts :D