Friday, December 10, 2010

Going to the zoo!

I like animals, but I don't always like zoo's. Sometimes zoo's can be so horrible they nearly make me cry.

So whenever I visit a new zoo I feel a little apprehensive. I had high hopes for Taipei zoo though and our friend's Lisa and Aaris told us it was a great zoo - not a sad zoo so we decided to head along.

I have to say Taipei zoo is a pretty amazing zoo - Taipei is a very highly populated area. However the zoo has a really large land area which is something I really liked.

First up on our zoo tour was the section of indigenous Taiwanese animals - the most impressive of which was the Formosan Bear. When were were there one bear was sleeping and the other was playing with an orange in a little swamp in the enclosure. So I only got a photo of the sleeping bear.

Here's a few other bear related items around the zoo - I'm standing in the bears cave (I think that's what the sign said anyway). Our next stop at the zoo was the insectarium - unfortunatly most of the insectarium was closed as it was being upgarded. I did get to see some pretty amazing buttyflys up close though.
Next up, we visited the area with a lot of more common animals. Like farm animals - they also had a whole lot of rabbits and guinea pigs. Here's a few more animal pictures from the day - including giant pandas!
Just a couple more photos from the day - just a photos from the day. This one shows some of the scenery at the park which is pretty amazing.Finally, here's Rich with one of the big ice creams that you can buy at the zoo.

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