Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Operation

So long time not blog huh? Considering my normal blogging obssessive ways!

But as a lot of people out there know already I had an operation (in fact a week ago today)and I have been recovering over the last week or so (my final day off is tommorrow).

Well last Wednesday I had to get up bright and early to be out at Kenepuru Hospital in Porirua at 8am and seriously a big hug out to Ange who took the day off work to take me, mum and Rich all the way out to Kenepuru Hospital and back again!

The operation itself wasn't actually too bad - the general anesthetic wasn't that fun - I didn't mind going under that much it was just when I woke up I was really groggy and over the following few days my brain didn't seem to be working too well and I kept on forgetting simple things or saying the same thing to Rich or mum more than one...nevermind...I think my brain is back to normal now...

The good news is that when the Doctors did do the operation they did find out that I have endometriosis which, while it isn't awesome as it is going to be something I will have to live with and manage for the rest of my life, I AM glad that I finally know what is wrong with me for certain and I can begin to deal with it. I will join the local Endometriosis group in the new year but there doesn't seem like much point in doing this right now as it's only a couple of weeks before Rich and I will be taking off for our Christmas adventures.

It has been good to have some time off work though I have to say. Originally I was meant to go back to work on Monday but I got some extra time off work because I just wasn't feeling up to it (you'll be surprised just how much you use your stomach muscles when you're unable to use them!!).

But I really have to say a big thanks to Rich for just being so awesome through this whole drama and also my mum for staying with me for most of last week (I think I would have gone totally and completely MENTAL if I didn't have someone to talk to last week) also want to say a big thanks to all my friends who have come and visit me and also sent me or bought around flowers, food and has been fantastic (almost like a pre-christmas christmas).

Anyway the bottom line is that the news I recieved was the best news I could recieve in the circumstances - for the first time in a very LONG time I am feeling optimistic about the future!!

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