Thursday, April 07, 2016

Mini Easter Celebration

Rich and I usually take our yearly overseas trip in winter, but this year we've decided to take it in autumn. In fact to save on annual leave (we need to use those four precious weeks so carefully!) we've decided to take our holiday during Easter (also Qantas had a sale on at this

I've been excited about the trip for a while, but I recently realised how bummed I was about not being home during Easter as it often feels like the last "holiday" before the months get colder - also bunnies and chocolate are both awesome. So I decided to have a wee get together with friends to celebrate Easter.
We went to the Sweet Cakery and Bakery in Karori - I've wanted to go here for the longest time. This place really works in with my general world view which is "everything cute always".

This place really is solely a cakery and bakery as one of my friends was hoping to get something for breakfast here. You'll only be able to get breakfast if you're ok with cake for breakfast - some people are probably ok with that though.

There were a lot of different sweet treats on offer, but only one gluten free option, which was the salted popcorn cupcake so that's what I went with.

The cupcake may look tiny, but with that much icing on top it was plenty of cupcake for me and the tea was also delicious.

They also make some speciality cakes, my niece would have lost her mind if she saw this Frozen one.
 My sweet friend Joy spoiled us all again with lovely Easter packages, she created all the packaging herself with her crafty magic and filled them with Easter eggs!

I still feel a bit sad about missing out on Easter, but at least I got to eat cupcakes and hang out with some cool people.
Also yes I'm home from overseas and my trip was amazing and full on and I have many photos and stories to share -eventually!


Vix said...

You girls look fabulous all together, a riot of colour and smiles. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! xxx

Kezzie said...

That place looks AMAZING!!!! I would have had a milkshake for sure with a donut!!! I'm glad they had a gluten-free choice for you!! Yay, can't wait to hear about your holiday!!!Xx