Monday, October 19, 2009

Another day in Insadong

Last Sunday Rich and I went to Nakwon arcade so that he could buy a new guitar to find that the arcade was closed so we decided to take the chance to spend the rest of the afternoon in lovely Insadong which is one of my favourite parts of Seoul.

We visited a few of the quirky stores, including a store which sold recycled hand crafted items including the "Rilla" I bought a Rilla made from an old T- shirt but here's some photo's of us with some slightly larger Rilla's.

A bit later on we headed out for some dinner and found the most amazing restuarant - it was like a cross between a restaurant and a tea house and had the most amazing interior and delicious tea.

After dinner we decided to head home but then we came across another amazing muesuem called "Toto" which is another shrine to pop culture - this place had so many amazing collectables. Including an Alice Cooper doll! You never know what you might find on a day out in Seoul.

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