Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last Day of Work 2006!

Today is finally my last day of work for 2006 and I can hardly wait for 5:00 tonight!! Whilst I am thankful that this has been the year that I finally managed to get a permanent job, I have have also been pretty stressed out in my job and have missed more than one lunch time as I've had too much work to do (making Rich ask on more than one occassion "Do I have to come up to your office and get you for lunch to make sure you take a break?") But next year is a new year - and we will be getting a new person on our team so I'm hoping 2007 will be a year of more learning and less stress on the job front.

Well I am up and Blogging at this hour as I'm off to meet Mariella at 7:15 (Yah that she lives literally two minutes from our whare!) so that we can have a coffee before I take off on my adventures tommorrow - because she's off to her family in the far north for christmas and new years!

I'm quite looking forward to tonight - not only because it will be the end of the work year for me but also because Rich and I have decided to have a bit of an early Christmas celebration tonight - yah!! Which will include - of course swapping presents and we are also finally going to see Dracula at Downstage Theatre - I am SO looking forward to that!

Well I best be off - have to dry my hair and get pretty for work now.

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Enjoy holidays and vacation and the season. One really need break after hard work to rejuvenate.